Thank you for your work in preparing this, I can see you have taken an enormous amount of time to read through my pages of notes, emails and text messages.

Thank you for your personal support and empathy that not only resonates through the document yet in all our discussions. I will be forever grateful.

I know how hard you work, and you got me a phenomenal result, so thanks a million.

It meant a lot having your calm wisdom on my side.

Recent Changes to the Designs Act 2003

The Designs Act 2003 is a piece of Commonwealth legislation that guides designers in registering and protecting their registered designs. For example, the…

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Defending Doctors Against Allegations

Doctors are often unfairly targeted by unqualified health practitioners, dissatisfied patients, and medical facilities that want to protect their own…

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Resolving Shareholder Disputes

Owning and running a company is no easy task, which makes it all the more important to ensure that all company shareholders are on the same page with…

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